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Sales systems

Information on the product
All Hagsen packagings carries essential informations on given item. Thanks to this customer may easily learn about its purpose and advantages.

All packaging has been manufactured from recycled materials. In accordance with envitomantal policy we have reduced size of printed surface on our packaging.

The size and shape of Hagsen packaging are adjusted to pallet dimension this facilitates logistics and products management within retail and storage surfaces. Individual packeging of our products allows for reducing the risk of damaging them while transport or storage.

Retail surface
We have developed a convinient method of displaying our products which makes them visible for customer and draw their attention. Specially designed system of banners with graphic contain information on practical features and advantages of Hagsen products.

Transport and storage
Dbamy o wygodę naszych odbiorców hurtowych. Kompaktowy kształt wielu produktów lub możliwość ich sztaplowania powoduje, że zajmują mniej miejsca w przestrzeni magazynowej i można je transportować w opakowaniach zbiorczych.

Cooperation with customer
We are open to any suggestions from our clients therefore we can always adjust our solutions and our sales system to individual needs.