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Hagsen products are above all functional. They were designed to be useful and usable, and to fit into modern interiors.

Hagsen products are created by professionals. Modern machines allow us to use cutting edge technologies to create great-quality products.

Hagsen products are modern, easy to use and ergonomically designed as well as technologically advanced.

Ideas behind Hagsen brand



Our products were developed with 3 ideas in mind: NATURE, DESIGN and FUNCTIONALITY.

Plants add grace and beauty to our environment, and contact with nature is a pleasure. By keeping it close at hand we enrich our living space and enhance the energy of our surroundings.

We closely watch what is required for home gardening and at the same time we investigate possibilities to apply new technologies.
While looking for the best solutions, for our products we choose those which are simple, practical and allow for enjoying effects of work in any conditions and places..

In designing our products we pay great attention to their visual attractiveness. Our designs are perfect for modern-style interiors and in creating them we make use of the latest solutions offered by technology.