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Hagsen products are above all functional. They were designed to be useful and usable, and to fit into modern interiors.

Our products were developed with 3 ideas in mind: NATURE, DESIGN and FUNCTIONALITY.

Hagsen products are modern, easy to use and ergonomically designed as well as technologically advanced.


Modern technological equipment

We use the best tools, machines and technologies. Our company has got own well equiped Tool shop and modern production plant. In care of constant develope of our products we are looking for cutting edge technologies and invest in new production machines. Our products are manufactured on top-brand injection machines which are conected to one of modernest central feed system in Poland.

Innovative solutions

Innovative solutions and designs of Hagsen products are created thanks to use of cutting edge technologies which allow us for making the best use of aesthetic and practical qualities of production materials.

Developed by professionals

Most important decisions are taking while product designing by team of experienced constructor and designers. Technologies used for manufacturing are carefully selected and are besed on the purpose intended for given product and its aesthetic. We always make sure that materials used for manufacturing them meet high aesthetic criteria and provide suitable conditions for growing plants or performing house chores.