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Our products were developed with 3 ideas in mind: NATURE, DESIGN and FUNCTIONALITY.

Hagsen products are created by professionals. Modern machines allow us to use cutting edge technologies to create great-quality products.

Hagsen products are modern, easy to use and ergonomically designed as well as technologically advanced.

Functional qualities

Hagsen products are first of all functional.

They were designed to be useful, usable and beautiful. Through behavioral analysis we have developed simple and interesting solutions, which make house and garden works easy. Our products turn chores into pleasure.


Funkcjonalność doniczek Hagsen

The soil retains constant moisture thanks to strips of non-woven fabric which carry water accumulated at the bottom into planter.
Funkcjonalność doniczek Hagsen Decorative planter overlays are available in a variety of colours.
Funkcjonalność doniczek Hagsen Specially shaped inlet in the upper part of planter makes watering easier and allows for storing water in a suitable place.
Funkcjonalność doniczek Hagsen Adjustable brackets make it possible to hang oblong planters on railing. The brackets are invisible from the front of planter.
dw_kis.jpg Planter consists of two parts: body and saucer.
dw_spodek.jpg The concealed saucer allows for removing excess water.
de_bezp.jpg You can plant directly in planter or use
it as a cover.

Planter consists of three parts: body, saucer and a special connector.


The geometric shape of planter and connector allow for arranging planters in desired configurations.


Funkcjonalność konewek Hagsen Whenever it is not being used rose can easily be removed and attached to the spout pipe.
Funkcjonalność konewek Hagsen You can remove or lift its cap to quickly pour in water.
Funkcjonalność konewek Hagsen Watering can is compact in size so you can store it in narrow spaces. It is also easy to transport in bulk containers.
Funkcjonalność konewek Hagsen Watering can label holds a green leaf which allows you to check if the temperature of the water is suitable. If water is too warm the leaf will turn red.
Funkcjonalność konewek Hagsen The handle allows you to use it comfortably in any setting. The handle of the watering can has been designed in such a way as to make it easy to hold the can in various ways depending on the location of your plants in the house or in the garden.
Funkcjonalność konewek Hagsen To carry the watering can you may use strap. They have been designed in such a way as to make sure that the can full of water is easy to carry in spite of its weight.
Funkcjonalność łopat Hagsen Bent handle is comfortable to grip, stabilizes the shovel and unburdens your back.
Funkcjonalność łopat Hagsen Rubber overlay supports the grip during disposing of the snow.
Funkcjonalność łopat Hagsen Eliptical handle allows you to grip it in various ways – with one or both hands.
Funkcjonalność łopat Hagsen Shovels capacity makes your work efficient.
Funkcjonalność łopat Hagsen Shovel's shape makes it easy to storage and allows stacking.
12 inch ball-bearing rubber wheels, 
high maneuverability 
aluminiowy dyszel
Aluminium shaft with comfortable 
plastic handle
Elliptical handle allows to grip it in 
various ways-with one or both hands